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poundland are bringing back their sold-out disney tote bags – and it’s got fans in a frenzy

by:Bestway     2020-06-08
Disney goods are everywhere on the street, and it seems that adult customers don\'t know enough about children\'s cartoon characters.
Primark and asda also announced their new Disney series, which put fans in a meltdown and Poundland re-launched their series.
The handbag was launched at the beginning of last year and sold out within a few days.
The bags were re-launched in the same design, including some of the most famous Disney faces.
According to Poundland, there are eight different tote bags to choose from, including Princess Ariel, Bambi, Tinkerbell, Pinocchio and Eeyore.
There are some new faces in the bag, including modern characters such as Elsa and Olaf in the movie Frozen.
Due to popular demand and fast sales, these packages were sold on Ebay last year for more than the original price, which is-
You guessed it right. £1.
Poundland revealed on Twitter that prices will not change despite their popularity.
Although, not everyone has decided to use the bags for their design purposes.
Creative customers have replaced their handbags with other items such as beautiful canvas prints and Disney DIY mats.
Poundland\'s Facebook post on these packages has received comments from hundreds of customers who point out which role they like best.
One user on Facebook commented \"It\'s so cute, I want it all\" while the other said \"I need this!
\"Other users commented frantically that they could not find bags in local stores because some even went to multiple outlets to look for bags.
So far, it is not clear which stores are storing bags specifically, so please be vigilant and prepare your pound coins.
For more Disney Mania, see if you can find a bit of the characters you might not have noticed before.
If you want more Disney items, start at 3 and check out Primark\'s aristocratic household items.
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