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poundland is selling harry potter tote bags featuring the hogwarts house crests – and yes, they’re only a quid

by:Bestway     2020-06-09
Fans of Harry Potter may want to go to the nearest Poundland to them
Because the discount store has launched a series of handbags featuring Hogwarts houses.
Shoppers also don\'t need to break the gulingge bank to get one as the price of the bag is only 1.
Tote Bag is a great option to swing on the shoulder and make a quick trip to the gym, beach or shop.
If you are a fan of the boy wizard and his family, what better design is printed on your handbag than the top of your favorite Hogwarts house?
Better yet, the bag is just a pound, just like the range of most discount stores.
While totes doesn\'t seem to be listed on the Poundland site, a savvy shopper is-
Store and Post in a bargain group on Facebook.
Totes features the top of three different Hogwarts houses-
Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw
Although it seems that Hufflepuff is missing
Fans of kind and gentle houses only need to use their patience (
Features of Hirsch parch)
Wait to see if a yellow bag is released
Poundland\'s Harry Potter tote bag follows in the footsteps of Primark\'s recent launch of the Harry Potter collection, which includes backpacks, Chartres and 9 tots joggers
Interestingly, there are only three styles of Primark\'s Harry Potter jogger, and the poor old Hufflepuff has never succeeded.
What\'s going on with Hufflepuff hate? !
This is not the first time Primark has released Harry Potter. Theme clothing.
The store used to sell pajamas, flip-flops, mugs, and bedding related to pop wizards.
We will continue to focus on the next Potter series . . . . . . If you like how Primark\'s Harry Potter jogger looks, here\'s everything you need to know about them.
In the meantime, those who take off this summer should take a look at our guide on how to pack a killer holiday wardrobe when traveling with only your hand luggage.
From the tropical suitcase to the palm tree earrings, here is everything we desire today.
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