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by:Bestway     2020-02-19
You will most likely need a new package to start college or come back for another year.
With a variety of bags, finding a bag that meets all your requirements is both a challenge and an adventure.
You need a bag that can hold all your books and will not hurt your shoulders, looks stylish and still meets your budget.
According to Sharfuden of the lovely world of Town Hall, satchels and sling bags are out of date.
The backpack is a backpack and messenger bag used by college students now.
According to Top Max\'s Midhilaj and Annarkali of the yellow sacks, the yellow sacks are slowly becoming popular among girls.
Another girl\'s favorite bag is a handbag.
The range of backpacks is between Rs. 150 and Rs.
900, and the Messenger package is only Rs.
RS 120 or up. 500.
Tote bag and hemp bag start from Rs. 200.
According to Ibrahim, a salesman at Kannan department store, boys prefer backpacks, while girls prefer messenger bags.
\"The girl is looking for style while the boy is worried about buying a portable bag.
Naveen, an electronic engineering student at Karpugam College, prefers backpacks.
\"The backpack is easier to carry with me and I can even use it to carry my laptop with me,\" he said . \".
Shanini of the same university carries a messenger bag.
\"I don\'t have a lot of books to bring with me, and it\'s stylish.
For my laptop, I use the laptop bag.
\"What do you need?
Choosing a package depends on what your requirements are.
When you think of a book or portability you have to carry with you, a backpack is the first thing to think.
This bag can be used as a laptop bag, which is spacious and waterproof.
However, they may not have too many designs and styles.
So if you\'re looking for a bag that\'s more in style then it\'s your tote bag.
From basic black leather to trendy hot pink, these bags come in many colors and styles.
But if you travel by bike and need to carry more load then the backpack will score.
The compromise between the handbag and the backpack is the messenger bag.
It works for those who need to make style statements and don\'t carry too much.
Which one is your bag?
What will you show off this semester?
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