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the boy is mine. can\'t you tell by my designer handbag?

by:Bestway     2020-07-03
Consider buying a new luxury handbag?
You may be better than you realize.
A designer bag is no longer just a symbol of your impeccable style, it can also make you fall in love happily.
Women buy designer handbags and expensive accessories to prevent rival lovers from stealing their men, according to a new study.
According to a series of experiments with hundreds of married and unmarried women, luxury goods mark the identity of the owner.
It is found that the more women feel threatened by competition, the more she spends on accessories.
What will Posh do?
Block competitors with a designer pack natch.
Source: APVladas griskeficius, a psychology professor at the study, said this could explain why ordinary women buy three handbags a year.
\"Women of different ages and relationship conditions infer that a woman in designer clothing and accessories has a more loyal partner,\" he said . \".
\"They also spontaneously infer that the partners have made financial contributions to these luxurious properties.
\"This information is especially valuable when their relationship is threatened by another woman.
Wang Yajin, assistant to the professor, said the feeling that the partnership is at risk automatically triggers women wanting to show off brands such as Gucci, Chanel and Fendi.
A designer handbag or a pair of expensive shoes seems to work like a shield, she said.
\"In essence, Fendi handbags defend against romantic competitors, showing off the designer\'s product and saying \'back\',\" the PhD student said \'. \".
Christian Dior handbags like this are as good as engagement rings.
Researchers at the University of Minnesota said: \"Although men often show luxury goods to the opposite sex, women often show off expensive property to the same sex.
\"For luxury brand practitioners and managers, it may be particularly interesting to know that women are the main audience for women\'s luxury consumption.
But they said: \"The Guardian partner is certainly not the only function of conspicuous consumption . \"
\"Past research has shown that luxury goods make women happy and Mark status and taste.
The latest research is published in the Journal of Consumer Research.
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