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the origins of the modern messenger bag in world war two\'s canvas messenger bags

by:Bestway     2019-11-12
Messenger bags seem to be a relatively new innovation born on the streets of New York, London and San Francisco, where they are popularized by bike couriers.
This is of course true for their recent history, but their roots will go further over time.
More than a century ago, the postman hung the big bag on his shoulder in a way similar to the modern messenger bag.
Those old leather pouches lack many of the innovations and conveniences of the new ones, but the pedigree is clear.
The pedigree established by sending passengers and couriers during World War II was also visible in the new bags used by couriers.
The old canvas messenger bag they used to ship orders and information was also closed by a large flap and worn on their shoulders.
In form and function, they are very similar to the bag subsequently adopted by the circulating messenger.
It turns out that the old canvas bag is very durable and convenient, so it is widely used.
People can find special versions for paratroopers and regular infantry.
These pouches have proven to be useful not only for carrying documents and orders.
The soldiers allowed them to carry ammunition, medical equipment and other supplies.
It is these packages that provide some inspiration for what we know now when recycling courier companies develop messenger packages.
However, the continued evolution and development of these bags did not stop.
Many laptops now have special protective bags.
Most people have small pockets with keys, mobile phones and change.
In fact, although the basic forms and functions of these bags have remained the same for more than a century, they are almost unrecognizable as siblings.
There is no doubt that the bags that have been popular for twenty years from now are equally beyond recognition.
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