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bag it right - times of india

by:Bestway     2020-06-16
The bag-Story of B
The hot girls in the town are simply fascinating.
Hobo: the hobo bag is usually large in a crescent shape.
It has a lazy posture and long adjustable band.
Style tip: Karishma suggests, \"This package is the right choice for women who are always on the go, as this package can carry your entire world.
Hobos looks smart when working with formal overalls and even gorgeous dresses, which is a very fashionable statement.
Summer is right in front of you, mix your white outfit with pop music
Color tramp.
\"Perfect companion for shopping, parties, meetings and movies.
To look more impactful, look for colors that are blocked.
You can look for a worse look by adding spikes to it.
In addition to bringing the right edge to your look, the right bag can also help you hide your flaws: petite frames: when they add structure, go and buy the big bag and give the petite frame a feeling of fullness.
A mid-sized tramp until your elbow looks good as it gives you a little extra height.
Pear rack: it is best to use a clutch or bag in the shape of an envelope.
Avoid the bag hanging on the waist line.
The small Cross bag or sling bag right above the hip line looks good on you.
High frame: tote bag is a great choice to highlight your high frame.
Anything with a short handle will be good for your structure.
Sling Bag: sling bag or more casually referred to as messenger bag, has become the main component of fashion accessories for men and women\'s departments.
Style tip: \"Instead of choosing a boring belt bag, choose a stylish belt bag, which is in a soft beige suede tone and is worn almost every day.
If you like shopping, then the sling bag is your ultimate companion because they are comfortable and allow you to shop freely.
Do a little experiment by using neon colors to stand out from the crowd.
The skinny jeans for the loose top and the eye-catching bold color or patterned sling bag are a cool option.
\"This is the most useful for college students, hikers,\" Masaba noted . \".
Clutch: Clutch has been an integral part of our wardrobe for many years, providing us with a range of options to choose from.
Style tip: \"The box clutch, knuckle ring handle, inlaid clutch, envelope clutch, folding clutch make a roar on every party.
It looks elegant and can easily work with India and Western countries.
The transparent clutch is the next big thing to look forward.
Try those contrasting colors and let the head turn. Also pop-
\"The up transparent clutch is a great choice for brunch and casual parties,\" said bag designer Richa Varun . \".
Over time, the color, pattern and design of the men\'s bags have developed in fashion.
Package designer Richa Varun said, \"bags like satchels, messenger bags, shoulder bags, pocket bags or laptop bags have always been the top priority for men.
Match your satchel with a crisp suit with confidence on it and you will be noticed for sure.
Brown, blue-green or dark blue instead of the usual black color.
These bags are suitable for both formal and casual occasions.
\"Tote Bag: very spacious, it can store daily necessities such as phone, books, stol silk/scarf wallet, headphones, etc.
Style tip: Fashion designer Masaba Gupta points out, \"you can tie it to the handle in a different creative way by taking a printed or colored scarf, converting a simple tote bag to fashion
\"Handbags in basic colors such as black, brown, cream color are suitable for daily use and can be skillfully matched with your denims, linen pants and formal pants and shirts, and Karishma Shah, the designer of the world.
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