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bethesda is sending canvas bags to \'fallout 76\' power armor edition customers

by:Bestway     2019-11-10
The door may be closed soon and asFallout 76 publisher Bethesda is finally ready for its customers.
After the game was released, super-
Fans who spent $200 on the game\'s special power armor version found that they didn\'t pre-promote the canvas bag
Bethesda has ordered cheap nylon bags.
This revelation gets worse when customer service in Bethesda responds at less pricethan-
Helpful way, causing more anger and frustration in some harsh articles on players and media.
The Cherry at the top may have been before the game was released, and Bethesda distributed canvas bags to popular \"influencers\" free of charge on YouTube and Twitch.
This is not the same bag as the one that the power armor version should come with, but this insult adds damage.
For super fans who paid $200, Bethesda gave only 500 atoms
A game currency worth about $5 forFallout 76.
Bethesda, however, has finally returned to reason and has decided to eliminate this latest controversy.
Instead of providing only negligible incomegame currency (
Not even enough to buy canvas bags in the game! )
Publishers will now send better canvas bags to anyone who buys the Power Armor version and submits a support ticket by January 31.
\"We are finalizing the manufacturing plan for radiation 76: power armor version to replace canvas bags,\" Bethesda wrote on Twitter . \".
\"Please visit [if you purchased the CE [our website]
And submit the ticket before January. 31, 2019.
Once the luggage is ready, we will arrange to send you a replacement.
This is the right move in Bethesda. --
This was the first of a series of bad decisions, including radiation released 76 years before it was ready.
But that\'s the way you deal with this situation when it\'s due, even if it takes extra time and money.
After all, anyone who buys a collection edition is almost your biggest fan and most willing
Future deals and DLC.
It\'s also the right thing to do, both in terms of the reputation of the gaming community, or because, well, even greedy companies should try to do the right thing for their customers.
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