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duct tape backpack/messenger bag convertible

by:Bestway     2020-06-27
This is my first Instructable and it will take part in the \"let it stick\" contest and the \"Back to School\" contest.
Please vote and tell me how to improve my writing.
Finally, look at my website 1337 blogger.
Start with ComSo!
The tape is great to use.
Super strong and waterproof!
So in the back-to-school competition, I decided to post a note on the most important school gear: backpack!
Yes, so in high school
Or at least our school)
We have to carry backpacks almost everywhere, so I want to use tape (or duck tape)
The backpack can help me customize as needed and is durable.
So, I decided to add a little bit of my creativity to this project and I also allowed it to be converted into Messenger bags!
Here\'s what you need.
I suggest you improvise with anything around you.
Tape: of course, tape is needed for this project!
Scissors or cutter: you need something to cut the fleece backpack: Wait a minute, do you? ?
Yes, you should have a backpack for this project.
No need, but this is a great place to rescue some extra items.
For example, you should obviously use an old backpack, and the one I use is too small for high school, so being ripped is perfect.
For this item, you almost need the padding inside the backpack, which can be replaced with multi-layer tape, or you can get foam plastic sheets.
Another thing we need is to make the messenger bag adjustable.
I don\'t know what they call yet, so I will call them.
If removed from the messenger bag, these are obviously better.
Velcro: Ah, velcro, this is the easiest way to turn things on and off.
Plus, as I said, I have it on me!
So this is used to turn the backpack on and off.
Since I \'ve never used a zipper, I don\'t know if I can use it, but let me know if it works!
Also, you can use magnets in this project, but I don\'t trust my stuff.
Ruler: you never know when any size can come in handy.
Yes, so I have to say something that you should pay special attention.
Some places need to be very strong to support heavy objects.
Straps: you use these backpacks so you need them to be very strong.
The straps of the regular backpack also break, so it needs to be strong.
Also, make sure you pad it or you will get hurt when you take it!
Bottom: The book is right here, so you need it to be strong.
The tape is a bit too flexible, so make sure there\'s something strengthening at the bottom, because you don\'t want the bottom to sag when the bottom is on your back.
Back: The Back is also flexible, which means that when there is a book in the backpack, it will be uncomfortable if you lean on it.
So you need to know some ways to use the tape and the terms that I have for them.
It\'s just a tape.
Usually two pieces of tape stuck back to back.
Sheets: sheets with tape.
It is usually a pile of bars stuck on a piece of paper, which is double-sided.
Fabric stick: Yes I made this 100% but at the seams the fabric is usually sown together like this.
It is used to stick some paper together at an angle.
Look at the photos.
You can also look at other backpacks.
Look what I\'m talking about.
The tape is hard for me to use, so I spent a lot of time on this project.
I have some tips for using tape: 1: Make sure the tape is pulled tight when you cut the tape.
If you don\'t do that, then the tape folds itself and won\'t be cut properly.
In addition, it will make the cut straight.
2: when putting a piece of tape on the other piece of tape, make sure both pieces of tape are pulled tight.
Again, like the hint in front, if neither of them is tightened, then creases will appear on the tap.
3: When you tear off the notes, make sure they are really far away if they are not used at the time.
I admit it should be obvious, but I made a lot of mistakes for this reason.
We will make the straps for our backpacks first!
Bring your spare backpack and cut off the straps so you can get the padding underneath.
Both straps do this twice.
You should get some foam from it.
Note how they bend because you have to bend the straps when they are placed.
Now that you already have foam plastic parts on the strap, cover the tape on the strap.
Make sure it\'s as neat and tidy as possible.
When covered with tape, try not to have any creases on the tape.
Now repeat this step on another strap of the backpack.
Now we will create the back.
You need to know how big your backpack is so you can cut off its foam properly.
I cut off the back of my backpack and it was a really good idea and I couldn\'t make it bigger other than that.
When you have foam, make a side of the tape whether it is from the back of the backpack or not, and stick the foam on it.
Put it aside for the time being.
You need to make a messenger bag strap.
First, cut the strap off the old messenger bag and grab the plastic pieces of the strap.
See the picture they will be called from now on.
Now, take a piece of tape and wrap it around the hook in Part.
Do the same thing on Part B with another piece of tape.
Now paste the end on the sheet you created in the previous step.
It should be in the top right corner.
Now cut a huge strap, which will be a messenger bag strap.
I created 3. 5 feet.
Now follow the instructions on the picture.
So now, the back is still a stick, so cover it with another piece of paper.
Make sure to cover only the top of the strap.
In addition, make sure that the part that holds the messenger bag strap to the bag is also fixed by tape.
Also, before completely covering it, add the straps as in the photo.
In addition, when tying the tape, place a piece of tape on the top and fix it to the front of the backpack.
These are separate steps, but I can use them as a step.
So, you need to do the bottom first.
Figure out how thick you want the bag to be, then make a piece of paper that is as wide as the bag, depending on how thick it is.
You can put some foam on the sheets like I did.
Now stick the back and bottom together with a fabric stick, just like in the picture.
For the sides, take a sheet as thick as the bag, a few inches less than how high the bag is (
So you can cover the bag).
The first fabric sticks it to the left and right edges of the back.
Then, stick it on the bottom.
You need to do it twice.
Now, we are in front!
This is another piece of tape that measures the height of the side with the length of the bag.
Do the same thing you did before, stick the front to the side and bottom.
By tying a strap to the bottom of 2 straps and tying the other side to the front, secure the bottom of the strap to the front of the bag.
We\'re almost over!
Create the top by putting a piece of paper on the back of the backpack.
Now bend the paper to the front and add the Velcro adhesive to the paper and the front.
Show the style of your backpack!
You can add some extra pockets to it.
For example, add a pocket to your messenger bag strap.
In addition, add a pocket for your pencil, calculator, and add an extra pocket for your planning notebook.
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