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ford puts air bags into seat belts

by:Bestway     2020-06-17
Airbags have been installed on the steering wheel, dashboard and side of the vehicle for a long time.
Now they are in the seat belt. Ford Motor Co.
Plan to introduce seat belts-
The rear seat of the 2011 Ford Explorer suv is equipped with airbags, which will be available next fall.
Ford said it was the first automaker to produce the technology on a large scale.
The belt has a cylindrical airbag that extends from the buckle to the shoulder and is placed in a pocket sewn into the belt.
If an airbag is needed, the car will send a signal to release the airbag.
It is softer and cooler than the front airbag, so it is safer for children.
Srini Sundararajan, a Ford engineer who is mainly in charge of developing seat belts, said wider seat belts and bags help distribute collision forces on the passenger\'s chest, so there is less chance of serious injuries.
They also help to support the head and neck of the occupant.
The hottest news is that Google cloud service was interrupted and the missing Virginia Beach shooting protesters in Connecticut interrupted Harris. \"The two biggest life-saving devices today are seat belts and airbags.
\"This combines them into a great feature,\" Sundararajan said . \".
Ford has been working on the technology for ten years and has had to overcome the many challenges of bringing it to market.
For example, the front airbag is powered by a fireworks device that produces hot air.
They are also deployed very quickly because they need to cover a larger distance before they reach the driver or passenger.
Seat belt airbags do not have enough distance to cover, so they can be deployed more gently, although Srini says they are still fully deployed in a tenth of a second.
They also use cold gas technology.
Ford has launched
Sundararajan said that at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in 2001, the seat airbag concept, but the inflator was located in the trunk and it was too flustered to bother the driver.
Ford also did a lot of testing to make sure the kids were drooping their heads even when they were sleeping and the bags were protecting them.
Seat belts can also be used in conjunction with the booster seat.
Sue Cischke, Ford\'s group vice president for sustainable development, environmental and safety engineering, won\'t say how much the belt with the airbag costs, but she does say the technology
At first they will be offered as an option because some drivers-
Especially those who don\'t have children.
Maybe they don\'t need it.
\"With any new security technology, you have to do a lot of things to educate consumers,\" she said . \".
\"We don\'t know that people value this.
Cischke said the explorer was chosen for the new seat belt because it is popular with families and is also a platform for other safety introductions such as side seat belts
Curtain airbag and stability control.
If Ford decides to install seat belts on other vehicles, prices could drop sharply, Cischke said.
Edward demit, Ford\'s technical safety belt expert, said the test subjects found the padded seat belt more comfortable than the ordinary seat belt.
He hopes to guide more people to use them. U. S.
DeSmet says the use of the rear seat belt is still a frustrating 60% compared to 83% for the entire car.
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