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rolling backpacks for girls and boys: the solution to back problems?

by:Bestway     2020-06-26
Have you considered the health of carrying your backpack? There are many reasons to buy traditional backpacks.
Over the years, many plastic surgeons have insisted that, in order to prevent scoliosis, back pain and other injuries, backpacks used by children should be limited to less than 20% of their weight.
Unfortunately, due to the number of school textbooks and other items that must be carried, many students do not have much choice on the weight of their backpacks.
This is especially true for middle and high school students because they have multiple teachers and classes.
Backpacks for school can help these injuries never become possible.
Girls and boys can use rolling backpacks, and the rolling backpacks for girls and boys are great because they allow children of all ages to finish heavy homework without carrying the burden.
Rolling backpacks also have more storage space than regular backpacks, although they can still be stored in many of the same places (lockers)
Ordinary backpack is OK.
Like a regular backpack, their rolling backpack provides a wealth of color and design for the kids.
It is important that you buy a backpack that looks like a backpack for your child, instead of going to the airport to buy a large, simple-designed backpack like adult carry-on luggage.
Rolling backpacks for girls, for example, meets the latest fashion trends facing their generation.
Popular TV and movie characters and toy images are also often found on girls\' backpacks.
Whether you are looking for a rolling backpack for a girl or a boy, choose the best rolling backpack for your child, the best backpack has a Adjustment handle for people of all ages to hold (
This is especially important if you want your backpack to last for a while).
While popular TV characters can be tempting, even if your child is only a few years old, they are unlikely to want to use it.
For example, the J World brand has some great designs that can work for young children and can easily transition for older children.
The J World rolling backpack is also very durable with a fully functional, comfortable handle.
Most people even have a laptop case, which is important when a child is a teenager or even a young person.
As far as other brands are concerned, Jansport backpacks are also outstanding in terms of quality.
The brand is known for offering a variety of prints and colors.
For example, some of the girl\'s best-selling Jansport rolling backpacks have leopards, zebra prints, plaid in different shades, etc.
Some boys have the option of camouflage and skating design. L. L.
Bean is also known for its quality girl and boy backpacks, which are usually as durable as fashion.
Buy a good rolling backpack for your child who can travel with their family or with the school.
Where you can find high quality rolling backpacks, you can find a variety of backpacks in nearby stores, such as Target\'s return to school specials.
If you\'re shopping, age and gender
Specifically, both Target\'s girls and boys have a lot of rolling backpacks, and in addition to the age of gender neutrality in design, there are a number that appeal to people of different ages.
Jansport backpacks are also available at Target.
In recent years, taokura children have also begun to sell new models of durable children\'s rolling backpacks.
Their rolling backpack for girls and boys is similar to the J World backpack in design and print options, and they also have extra straps to keep them safe.
Most importantly, these backpacks are designed to be very comfortable and suitable for children.
Before you go to buy a rolling backpack for your child, other factors to consider before buying a rolling backpack, however, you need to consider several external factors.
One of the most important factors, for example, is to find out if the school has any rules about backpack scrolling.
Some schools actually ban them because they can take up space in the hallway (
Too crowded schools often have these rules)
Therefore, it is forbidden to roll the backpack due to the danger of tripping.
Please consult your principal or other school administrators if you have any questions.
No matter what kind of rolling backpack you are working on, please check the load rating for each one you consider.
The models produced by most of the above backpack brands do a good job of evenly distributing weight, but you still need to make sure that the backpack you choose is suitable for your child\'s needs.
You know, rolling backpacks work best on a smooth surface, so they have some limitations.
While these backpacks function very well on sidewalks, sidewalks, and school corridors, they quickly become a problem if students try to cross the grass (
Especially tall grass)or gravel.
When walking on the ice-covered ground, you should also be extra careful.
Depending on the model of the backpack, even the narrow aisle between school desks or the seat of the standard school bus can be difficult to navigate.
Imagine your child\'s daily route to and from school before determining if the rolling backpack is suitable for the child.
Let them practice walking in advance.
Make sure that the handle of the rolling backpack is long enough for your child to walk upright while pulling the backpack
They should never Hunchback when pulling, as this will only cause back problems, thus undermining the whole purpose of having them take the bag in the first place.
If the handle adjustment does not exceed about 1 feet, the backpack should be around 2 inch above the child\'s waist.
Although the rolling backpack does have wheels, it also needs to be carried occasionally (
Lift up and down from lockers, bus steps, building steps, etc. ).
Therefore, make sure that the shoulder strap of the backpack is padded and wide.
A backpack after all.
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