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\'this birkin room will be good enough to move in to\': pr queen roxy jacenko shows off the special space she is building for her designer handbags at her $6.5 million vaucluse mansion

by:Bestway     2020-07-04
She is known for her love of designer handbags, so it\'s no surprise that PR queen Roxy Jacenko has created a special place for her precious accessories.
The businesswoman showed footage of the ongoing \"beauty/Burkin room\" for the $6 she recently purchased.
5 million Vaucluse mansion was released on Instagram on Wednesday.
This video shows a row of high-wall cabinets with enough shelves to accommodate her collection of more than 30 designer handbags.
The guest rooms are also equipped with professional cosmetic mirrors and large LED lights.
Roxy wrote in the title of the lens, \"we may divorce after renovations, but this nice/Birkin room is enough to move in.
39-year-old roxy and 33-year-old husband Oliver Curtis are busy decorating their six rooms
Bedroom home in Sydney\'s only eastern suburb of Vaucluse.
Power couple with two children
Hunter 4 and Elf 6
Luxury properties were purchased for $6.
5 million at the end of last year
Roxy\'s \"shrine\" will hold a large number of handbags worth more than $1 million.
In last December, the blonde beauty added a $2,500 Fendi grocery bag to her collection of luxury handbags and handbags.
She posted a photo of a nice food bag on Instagram titled \"New Arrival \". @cosette. com. au, I love it.
\"Roxy defended the accumulation of designer goods before and told OK!
They are appreciating their assets.
She also told the Australian Daily Mail that she kept most of her luggage in a safe location away from her property.
The prize she collected was a Hermes Birkin handbag, which is estimated to retail at $84,350.
Roxy had previously said that she \"dreamed\" of buying the accessory for years before finally \"making it a reality.
The Khan stream sweaty back Betty PR founder told the Australian Daily Mail that she was particularly proud of the purchase because it was \"very rare \".
At the current price, the Hermes Birkin bag may cost more than $100,000 online.
For Roxy, however, money doesn\'t seem to object, and he seems to have at least six Hermes bags of different colors.
A photo of her collection shows that she has versions in red, orange, brown, pink and black.
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