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balenciaga is selling a fake paper bag for £876 – and we don’t understand why

by:Bestway     2020-06-05
French designer Balenciaga sold a fake paper shopping bag for £ 876, which turns out to be very popular and has been sold out on some websites.
The \"shopping bag\" looks the same as the free paper bag they gave you after they bought something in the store, but it\'s not nothing to spend, it\'s to spend an eye --watering €995 (£876).
That\'s because the paper bag is made of something. . .
The other bag is made in Italy and is 100 calf.
According to its description, the handle is \"Napa leather\" with silver hardware and zip pocket inside.
The weirdest thing about designer bags is that despite the sky, it\'s sold out onlinehigh price-
The label and it look the same as the paper shopping bag.
The launch of the new shopping bag follows the release of other unusual designs from the Balenciaga family.
Celebrities including Rossi Huntington
Someone saw the Waitley, Amale Clooney and Kardashians carrying a Balenciaga bag that looked like a blanket bag.
Blanket with texture
The leather tote bag is described as \"stupid\" by fashion lovers as it looks like a runof-the-
Grinded plastic bag with duvet.
This handbag is reasonably priced
Water 2,325 on the Interneta-
Potter, like a pillow bag that sells only £ 15.
There are two pillows inside.
In April, the French fashion company began selling a £ 670 handbag that looked like a 40 p Ikea shopping bag.
Its shape, size and color are very similar to the iconic IKEA blue Frakta bag and even have the same double handle.
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